• A signature field-blend of many Greek olive varieties

  • One of the finest, most distinctive organic olive oils in the world

  • Ideal for finishing dishes, sous-vide, dressings, marinades and dips.

  • Producing a natural, healthy product that people really enjoy is a thrilling experience



Welcome to Eliris
Extraordinary organic extra virgin olive oil

In an area of astonishing natural beauty, nestling in the foothills of the Menikio mountains in Northern Greece, there thrives an olive grove of noble provenance. Home to a rare collection of legendary Greek olive varieties, the grove has been painstakingly rejuvenated by a daughter in honour of her father’s dream.

In this idyllic, tranquil setting, olives are tended with reverence using time-honoured, organic methods. Only the finest olives are carefully selected by hand and quickly pressed.

Escaping city life, we find meaning in the art of nurturing olives and crafting our own exquisite olive oil, which has an interesting and appealing complexity in the aromas and an attractively sweet taste with a well balanced peppery punch that never swamps the flavour tones. The after taste reflects the aromas and flavours and lingers in the mouth.

We believe we have one of the finest organic olive oils in the world. Fresh olive oil is like nothing else, a rare experience to be savoured everyday. We are both passionate and dedicated to our craft. Eliris is our inspiration and we want to share our love of it with you.

Fill every culinary moment with the fresh, unique flavour and aroma of Eliris.

We look forward to welcoming you to be part of our story.


2014 Season Limited Release

Available to Buy Now

Enjoy fresh, in-season single-estate organic olive oil.
Ideal for finishing dishes, sous-vide, dressings, marinades & dips.
Delivered worldwide direct from our grove to your door, subject to availability.

Eliris Greek Olive Oil Organic

What the experts say

“Greece remains a great olive oil producing nation – and Eliris Olive Oil is the best I’ve tried – aromatic & full of flavour. Great pouring properties, too. I feel confident using this in my restaurants.”

AWT 2006 - credit Nick Ayliffe

Antony Worrall Thompson MOGB
Head Chef at The Greyhound

“Today Sam and Iris have revived the grove and are producing really first class oil on the farm. Because of the range of olive varieties used the oil seems to have greater taste and flavour dimensions than oils pressed exclusively from Koroneiki, which is the norm in Greece”.

Judy Ridgway
Olive oil expert and consultant

“Your oil is amazing, we are very proud to use your exceptional product!”

Arnaud Stevens
Chef Patron at Searcys Sixtyone Restaurant
61 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 7PP

“A delicate-bodied oil with considerable personality (itself a rarity). Gentle pungency and almost no bitterness – in fact a pleasing impression of sweetness, yet cleanness in the mouth. Delicate aromas of green vegetables and herbs.”

Tom Mueller
Author of Extra Virginity
Truth in Olive Oil

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Eliris Extra Virgin Olive Oil


FLOS OLEI International Competition 2014

Score: 84
1 of only 7 Greek olive oils
1 of the top 500 farms in the world


Eliris is published in the 2014 Flos Olei Guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil, a project proposed by Marco Oreggia and Laura Marinelli.

“It is an International Competition addressed to the world’s best olive growing farms and at the same time it is a Guide describing, popularizing and promoting the ones that will excel in this selection.

The Competition includes an assessment of the olive oils presented by their panel of Expert Tasters through rigid tasting and the working out of an organoleptic profile.

Tasting Notes
The Extra Virgin Eliris from Organic Farming is a beautiful intense limpid golden yellow colour. Its aroma is full and rotund, rich in fruity hints of apple, pear and banana, together with fragrant notes of basil and field balm. Its taste is elegant and distinctly vegetal, with notes of lettuce, celery and a fresh walnut finish. Bitterness and pungency are distinct and balanced.

Gastronomic Matches
It would be ideal on mayonnaise, chickpea appetizers, sea bream carpaccio, shellfish salads, marinated bass, broad bean purée, fish cous cous, fried vegetables, gilthead tartare, soft fresh cheese, oven cookies.

Feta cheese, oregano and Eliris olive oil

In the Media

Tom Mueller
Author of ‘Extra Virginity’
Truth in Olive Oil.
Great Olive Oils of the World Guide

The Tastemaker
The Global Bon Vivant Resource.
May 1, 2014
The Eliris Experience

Food&Wine Magazine – Elaion Feature (Andition Publications)
by Nikos Dellatolas & Maria Katsouli
(Greek language)

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