Eliris Organic Olive Oil

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Enjoy fresh, in-season single-estate organic olive oil.

Eliris is an extraordinary organic extra-virgin olive oil hand-crafted by Iris & Sam at Efthimiadi Estate in northern Greece.

The combination of ideal terroir, fastidious handling and a signature field-blend of Greek varieties produces a distinctive oil with a complex character and unrivalled quality. Authentic and fresh for the discerning palate.

100% raw, natural & cold-extracted. Authenticity bottled.

It is our sincere belief that Eliris, our aromatic extra virgin olive oil, reflects within its character the imprint of the magnificent landscape, idyllic climate and meticulous care that has produced it.

Always enjoyed fresh, within the season of harvest, Eliris is truly extraordinary.

Eliris appeals to a discerning clientele, who not only love the taste but appreciate the distinctive, yet convenient packaging. If you are a professional chef, a home cook who is passionate about fine food, or you are just looking for a unique, personal gift for family, friends or business acquaintances, Eliris will entice and inspire.

Add a touch of luxury and enrich your favourite salads, sauces, pasta and fresh foods. It’s ideal for finishing dishes, sous-vide, dressings, marinades and dips.


Eliris Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards

What makes Eliris extraordinary?

of the best Greek olive varieties. Harvested early & blended during cold extraction, produces a distinctive, perfectly balanced olive oil with a complex character. Varieties include Koroneiki, Kalamon, Tsunati, Manaki, Megaritiki & Halkidiki to name a few.

The complete natural environment in which Eliris is produced. Ideal site, soil, topography, and climate. Latitude: 41.17221 / Longitude: 23.84314

Olives from trees grown and cared for by Iris & Sam, exclusively on the estate. All trees pruned and harvested by hand.

Full control of production and marketing, from root to table. Strictly organic.

Product supplied fresh from the current season, never mixed with previous harvests or other oils.

Exceptionally low peroxide value, indicating the degree of oxidation in the oil. Eliris will stay fresh longer than oils with higher scores and has the lowest on the market due to healthy olives & careful product handling. Eliris also has consistently low acidity of less than 0.3%.

Packaging focused on aesthetics, use, convenience and preservation of product quality. Premium dark glass absorbs 99% UV light to preserve the aroma, flavour and quality.

Strictly limited release of up to 4000 numbered bottles highlighting the date of harvest (as opposed to bottling), quality and best before information. Reservation advised.

Visits to the grove welcomed soon with tours of local exporting wineries. Please ask.

Eliris Olive Oil

Tasting Notes

Eliris Harvest

Sharply herbaceous and aromatic tones leap out of the bottle as soon as it is opened. This is followed by plenty of lemon and lime citrus notes with apple skins and a touch of fresh culinary herbs.

Sweet salad leaves with lightly toasted nuts are followed by a gentle bitterness and good pepper. More herbaceous tones with a touch of tomato arrive as the pepper fades to leave a pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

A relatively delicate oil with a full-bodied aroma and well balanced bitterness and pepper.

Overall Assessment:
This is an excellent oil with a lovely aroma. It is more delicate in the mouth than one might expect from the aroma but still has a really pleasant flavour. The combination offers a very versatile oil which can be used for all kinds of culinary applications as well as for finishing and dipping. It will appeal to all tastes.

Eliris Organic Olive Oil

Quality Profile

The value in [ ] is the EU limit for an olive oil to be classified as “Extra Virgin”

Eliris Harvest

Acidity: 0.3% FFA [<0.80%]
Peroxide value: 3.3 mmol O2/kg [<20]
UV Absorption:
K270: 0.133 [<0.22]
K232: 1.598 [<2.50]
DeltaK: 0.002 [<0.01]

The peroxide test measures the degree of oxidation in the oil. The low value indicates Eliris will not deteriorate as fast as those with higher scores. It indicates how healthy the olives were and reveals how well product has been handled before, during and after extraction.

Health Profile

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmacognosy & Natural Products Chemistry

Oleocanthal: 342 mg/Kg – average 135
Oleacein: 127 mg/Kg – average 105

Oleuropein aglycon (monoaldehyde form): 43 mg/Kg
Oleuropein aglycon (dialdehyde forms)*: 32 mg/Kg
Ligstroside aglycon (monoaldehyde form): 56 mg/Kg
Ligstroside aglycon (dialdehyde forms)**: 88 mg/Kg

Total Phenols (Folin): 222 mg/Kg (expressed as caffeic acid equiv.)

The levels of oleocanthal and oleacein are higher than the average values (135 and 105 mg/Kg respectively) of the samples included in the international study performed at the University of California, Davis.

The daily consumption of 20 g of ELIRIS provides 14 mg of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol or their derivatives (>>5 mg) and consequently the oil belongs to the category of oils that protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress according to the Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union.

It should be noted that oleocanthal and oleacein present important biological activity and they have been related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity.

The chemical analysis was performed according to the method published in J. Agric. Food Chem., 2012, 60 (47), pp 11696–11703, J. Agric. Food Chem., 2014, 62 (3), 600–607 and OLIVAE, 2015, 122, 22-33.

*Oleomissional+Oleuropeindial **Ligstrodial+Oleokoronal

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– Fresh hand-crafted organic extra-virgin olive oil, exclusively from the current season, with all its organoleptic & nutritional value intact.

– Stunning Italian glass designed to absorb 99.9% UV light, preserving the aroma, flavour and quality of our oil.

– A kraft card harvest tag, individually numbered and presented with a hand tied ribbon, for that special touch of elegance.

– Finally, a beautiful gift tube, completes our exquisite olive oil.*

“Kali Orexi” Iris & Sam

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Enjoy fresh, in-season single-estate organic olive oil.