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What The Experts Say

“This olive oil is cloudy with a striking green freshness on the nose. It has a great mouthfeel, the green flavours of the early harvest are noticeable and the pepperiness cuts through the butteriness of this wonderful olive oil. We adore the fresh cut grass and buttered artichoke aroma of your olive oil, with delicate notes of green apples and herbs, the appearance too has a stunning bright golden lemon zing. The flavours of fresh fruity olives and fresh cut grass are a joy, and we are soon treated to the pepper hit at the end. We love the variety of olives that you have chosen here, because it has produced a vibrant olive oil.”
Great Taste Awards 2022 (1-Star)
Guild of Fine Food, UK

“I tried a sample a couple years ago and it remains one of the best oils I have ever enjoyed.”
Daniel Ospina
Organization Design Facilitator | Founder Conductal | Co-founder Crossmodalism | Speaker

“Greece remains a great olive oil producing nation and Eliris Olive Oil is the best I’ve tried – aromatic & full of flavour. Great pouring properties, too.  I feel confident using this in my restaurants.”
Antony Worrall Thompson MOGB
Chef Patron, The Greyhound, UK

“Today Sam and Iris have revived the grove and are producing really first class oil on the farm. Because of the range of olive varieties used the oil seems to have greater taste and flavour dimensions than oils pressed exclusively from Koroneiki, which is the norm in Greece.”
Judy Ridgway
Author, olive oil expert & consultant

“A delicate-bodied oil with considerable personality (itself a rarity). Gentle pungency and almost no bitterness – in fact a pleasing impression of sweetness, yet cleanness in the mouth.  Delicate aromas of green vegetables and herbs.”
Tom Mueller
Author of Extra Virginity – The sublime and scandalous world of olive oil

“Your oil is amazing, we are very proud to use your exceptional product! a very very good quality finishing oil at a good price.”
Arnaud Stevens
Chef Patron, Searcys Sixtyone Restaurant, UK

“I thought the product was really excellent, I have tasted lots of olive oils over the years but this one has a few special features about it. I will be delighted to use your fabulous organic olive oil going forward in the restaurants mainly in dressing and for eating on the table.”
Khalid Dahbi
Chef, food writer and food fanatic


Friends of Eliris Share Their Thoughts

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It’s one of the best discoveries my wife Upneet made on the net. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2017. And all the best for your unique life’s journey.
Ashish & Upneet, UK

Guys, you have done an absolutely incredible job on the packaging. I’m hugely impressed. This is absolutely first class. Elegant, balanced and very very beautiful. I remember one of the comments we got back with ARTEMIS from many customers is that the bottle was a showpiece in their kitchen. Same here. Gorgeous presentation. Tonight we taste the oil, which, I am sure will take our Eliris experience to even greater heights! Guys, I can’t wait to let my friends and clients know that we have access to this treasure.
Chris Kamarianakis, Canada

Harvested by hand from organic olive groves in the Menikio Mountains, Greece, and pressed traditionally, this olive oil is big in character, with fresh and pure taste, and outstanding aroma that’s hard to beat. As such it’s ideal for complementing the natural flavours of our meats, as well as for everyday usage, promising aroma with every use for discerning palates. This artisan oil has been chosen as the most outstanding olive oil available on the market, often to be found on the top chef’s shelf, and boasting unbeatable taste and real aroma. The quality is the result of unmatched provenance, including the use of organic olives, making it perfect for the home cook’s larder, or as a luxurious gift.
Farmison & Co, UK

A taste of my favourite country, Greece, by @angemorris .. Figs, goats cheese, honey dressing, made with my fave @elirisgreece organic olive oil
davidloftus via Instagram

This is the best organic olive oil the world has ever seen. Besides the fact that we at Abeco Trading Pty Ltd distribute this awesome product, it has won numerous awards, is used by world class chefs around the globe and more importantly Sam Lord and Iris Efthimiadou are awesome people with a holistic approach towards their product and outlook. Do yourselves a favour and have a bottle delivered to your door anywhere in the world. You won’t regret it!
Abel Kotsonis, Australia / South Africa
Abeco Trading Pty Ltd

Your product is fantastic, everyone that has tried it loves it!! Including myself, not many olive oils if any that i have tried compare to it!!!
Jonathan Villada, UK
The Larder Room Ltd

Incredibly delicious, fruity and delicate with just enough peppery finish to give it great zing.
Nadia Pendleton, UK
tweet @eattweetleave

Your oil is fantastic! Having visited your grove, every time I taste or smell your olive oil my mind travels to the peacefulness and stunning beauty of your grove!
Alex Andreadis, UK

We have tasted your beautiful product. I found the oil quite big in character, very Greek then a pleasant mouth feel and mellowing out really well. Certainly a finishing oil, shouting of sunshine and purity.
Chef Jeff Baker, UK
Farmison & Co

Thank you for your fabulous organic olive oil. I thought the product was really excellent, I have tasted lots of olive oils over the years but this one has a few special features about it. There is hardly an acidity in the product, it has a clean start yet a great floral flavour towards the end. I will be delighted to use the product going forward in the restaurants mainly in dressing and for eating on the table. I know the oil isn’t cheap given its quality, which is fair.
Khalid Dahbi, UK & Switzerland
Chef, food writer and food fanatic

Wow, we are so blown away by the freshness & taste of your oil. I would love for you to put my quote as a testament to the fantastic quality of oil
Leonie Le Faucheur-Woodward, UK
Chef & Joint Owner
The Greenhouse Restaurant, St Keverne, Cornwall.

AMAZING!!!!! Our chefs prepared a salad for me with Bufallo mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, basil, semi dry tomatoes, rocket, balsamic glaze and “Eliris ORGANIC OLIVE OIL” I was in heaven. AMAZING!!!!! The quality of the product and the packaging ….really AMAZING!!!
Tom Labrakis, Australia
Coffee Connoisseur

Greece remains a great olive oil producing nation – and Eliris Olive Oil is the best I’ve tried – aromatic & full of flavour. Great pouring properties, too. I feel confident using this in my restaurants.
Antony Worrall Thompson MOGB, UK
Head Chef: The Greyhound Restaurant & Freehouse.

With its smooth consistency, and sleek bottle designs, we were seriously impressed. We found the olive oil to be of thick consistency, rich, and intense in colour with a subtle spice in the aftertaste. This olive oil would be perfect with salads, pestos, pasta dishes or just dipping. Alternatively, you can use the olive oil as a spread instead of butter.
The Tastemaker, UK
The Eliris Experience by The Tastemaker

“Your oil is amazing, we are very proud to use your exceptional product! a very very good quality finishing oil at a good price.”
Arnaud Stevens, UK
Chef Patron, Searcys Sixtyone Restaurant

I’m somewhat of an olive oil expert. I *have* to tell you that Eliris olive oil was hands down the best I have ever had the pleasure of tasting!”
Anonymous, USA

The oil is delicious… we tried a blind fold taste test with some store bought ‘EVOO’ and our taste-buds were blown away… makes you realize what these ‘Super’ Stores are getting away with! Delicate Light tones, subtle lemon pepper FLavor. The Limited Edition numbered bottles make this a very special unique experience.
Tim Barlow, Canada

Congratulations for this great success and I’m confident that this is only the beginning of a wonderful journey! I’m confident because the design of your product is so simple but at the same time so elegant. It highlights purity but at the same time emphasizes the great value of Greek olive oil! It’s very dificult to pass this message through a product and i believe you did it 100%.
Christos Kritsidimas, Greece
Melitheon Honey

Sam’s olive oil is of an excellent quality. It’s all passion and pure nature you taste. If you want the best of the best, I recommend Sam’s Eliris olive oil.
Leendert Bom, The Netherlands

I’ve just finished the first bottle of oil from the first small batch I’ve ever had from you and at this rate of consumption the remaining two won’t last much longer! It’s frankly one of the nicest and freshest-tasting oils I’ve ever had the pleasure of using and tasting on my food
Marcus Fitzpatrick, UK

Thank You ever so much for your Olive Oil, both John and I were thrilled to try it this afternoon! Your Olive Oil is Truly Lovely
Maria and John Wainwright, USA

I am an olive oil ‘aficionado’ and your brand, story & olive oil are just amazing!
Marketa Suranova, Greece

The oil is perfect! Tried it with a warm potato salad with trufles yesterday!
Rudolf Leuwer, Germany

I can absolutely endorse this product since I have tasted it and it is DEEEEEELISHUS. Very satisfied customer!! Good luck with the business (though luck will have nothing to do with it given the quality and taste of your oil!) x
Claudia Benson, UK

I was given some of this stunning olive oil for Christmas. It came so beautifully presented, the perfect gift. The oil itself is delicious and really adds to a dish. I’m hoping I might find more under my Christmas tree this year!
Claire, UK

Certainly the highest quality olive oil I have ever tasted all over the world, and my friends know my relation with good food!!! Highly recommended!!
Dora Papadopoulou, UK

The quality of the olive oil is quite nice, herbaceous and grassy in scent, yet distinct from a single varietal Koroneiki olive oil (which I am more accustomed to on Crete). It is not a bitter oil, but it does have a moderate pungency. It is light and airy, but the taste remains on the palate for quite some time.
Jamieson Donati, Greece

Eliris olive oil is the yummiest scrummiest! Heaven in a bottle, this is the VERY best stuff, u can just taste the goodness!!
Amanda Reynolds, UK

I have just looked at your website and found it sophisticated, interesting, tasteful and very easy to use. I have ordered 6 bottles, so that’s my Christmas shopping almost complete! The presentation and packaging looks very smart and all in all it looks a quality product. I really hope the business will establish a large client base/following.
Sarah Parkin, UK

We tried the estate olive oil ourselves and you are right, while I am certainly no expert, it is really really good. I also love the packaging.
Leslie Hughes, USA

I purchased your olive oil for a family friend… I was extra pleased when I saw the box it arrived in. Looked very “plush”. What an excellent gift… Thank you
Richard Chegwidden, UK

I received the olive oil tonight and was so excited I jumped on the internet immediately to start reading about it!! This is so awesome! There are only 1000 bottles of this stuff produced and it’s all organic and it has very attractive packaging. I’m dying to try it and will do so tomorrow at lunch. I was tempted to bust open the bottle tonight just to take a taste but I’ve held back. I will definitely let you know how it is, though I couldn’t be more thrilled regardless of how it tastes! I used to belong to an Olive Oil Club and would get different varieties from all over the world. It was so fun and exciting trying these different varieties! It’s amazing how different and wonder they can be. I have so many friends that I could order this for as a gift. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!
Karen Delucia, USA

Many thanks again for the oil, we simply enjoyed it with just bread…Delicious…and yes…I could taste the difference between my regular one and yours
Robert, UK

It is so nice seeing young peole -you two- working “with the earth”. The earth is the past but is the future as well at the same time, especially these days. The most important though is the love you give at everything you do. When someone sees the way you work to reach the target you have put, which is the perfect olive oil, it is easy to realise why this product is so fine, so special. It contain your love. I happen to know that your choice to grow organic product, proves your responsibility for health and the environment. Keep working with this passion inspiring other people
Sonia Stratiadou, Greece

Εxcellent work Iris and Sam especially in these diffcult times for our country. We are sure that you will gain an international reputation from your brilliant project
Antonis and Vicky Angoules, Greece

Well done to you both – the website is fantastic and really good brand that comes across as genuine, honest, natural and Greek! Well done to both of you! It is still my hope that we (Vic, Amelie & Freddie) can come out and see you doing what you do! Can we buy a bottle yet? Best wishes & love from us all here
Tom Naylor, UK

A few years ago my wife’s sister and her fiancé moved back to Greece to rejuvenate the family Olive grove. Three years on, you can taste the delicious fruits of their hard work for yourself. I knew very little about Olive Oil before I met my wife and having tasted what most people buy in the shops, I can honestly say that the oil produced from the grove tastes fantastic and comes highly recommended. It has a deliciously light, fresh and fruity flavour and is presented in a luxury bottle and packaging, ideal for treating yourself or gifts for family, friends and business acquaintances
Iain Stewart, UK

I have had the honour to taste the fruits of this trully blessed place from a very young age. As a kid, the estate was the magical land of adventures surrounded by trees with delicious fruits and wild life. Now as an adult, I still miss the purity and stunning surroundings that despite my travels, I have not managed to find elsewhere! We are proud that you are following dad’s beliefs of an organic approach. He was indeed a pioneer for his time but these are beliefs of people who know of good food and appreciate the work that one has put in. Bravo Iris and Sam! I salute you every day when I know that this olive oil is produced with respect towards the environment, with no chemicals. It was about time to share the fruits of this fantastic, organic olive grove with people who can appreciate good food of great quality!
Faye Efthimiadou-Stewart, UK

There is no better place than home. God bless fruitful land and people that keep it real
Natashee Lavrova, Ukraine


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