Eliris olive oil wins the FLOS OLEI 2015 award

Eliris organic olive oil selected for FLOS OLEI 2015 Guide

Delighted to announce, Eliris has been chosen to feature in the new edition of the FLOS OLEI Guide 2015 for the second year running. Congratulations to all the fine producers who have been featured – keep up the good work.

Following are their tasting notes and gastronomic matches:

Tasting Notes
The Extra Virgin Eliris from Organic Farming is a beautiful intense limpid golden yellow colour with light green hues. Its aroma is fine and delicate, with hints of apple, pear and banana, together with flowery notes of lavender and fragrant notes of mint and rosemary. Its taste is mellow and vegetal, with a flavour of artichoke, chicory, lettuce and a note of almond and fresh walnut. Bitterness and pungency are present and harmonic.

Gastronomic Matches
Eliris would be ideal on seafood appetizers, salmon carpaccio, chickpea salads, baked potatoes, barley puree, vegetable cous cous, mussels au gratin, amberjack tartare, baked poultry or lamb, goat cheese.

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