The History of Efthimiadi Estate

Since 1974

The Legacy of a Dream

Euripides devoted all his spare time to the grove & his family, planting a rare collection of 2,500 olive trees of legendary varieties from the four corners of Greece. A lake was created, fed with fresh mountain spring water to irrigate the young olive trees. He fully believed in an organic approach to cultivating olives, but unfortunately didn’t get to live his dream of sharing the fruits of the grove with others.

Founded by Iris’ late father, Euripides Efthimiadis¬†in 1974, the estate was chosen for its stunning position in the foothills of the Menikio mountains and specifically for its perfect growing conditions for olive & nut trees. His passion for good food & nature, led him to plant the estate with olive, almond, fig, walnut & many fruit trees, such as peach, pear, apple, pomegranate & cherry to name a few.

It is this legacy that we have returned to fulfil, embracing his passion & work ethic, to create fine olive oil, table olives and tapanade from our cherished trees.